• 1230 Clean Agent Suppression System

    1230 Clean Agent is completely colorless and is electrically non-conductive fluid chemical known as fulroketon, FK-5-1-12. It is a sustainable technology and is here to stay. 1230 Clean Agent has Zero ozone depletion impact and has extremely low global warming potential with a short atmospheric lifetime.

  • 227 Clean Agent Suppression System

    227 Clean Agent Suppression System is one of the most echo friendly. It suppresses the fire by physically cooling the blaze by eliminating the heat energy which interrupts the combustion cycle to the point that the fire cannot sustain itself.

  • 415 24V Swing Gate Operator

    Key features

    • Available in versions with a 300mm (max leaf 3m) and 400mm (max leaf 4m) rod stroke
    • Available in versions with/without a travel limit device
    • Electronic control unit with anti-crushing device and virtual encoder with reverse function upon detection of obstacle
    • Emergency battery to ensure operation in case of powercut (optional)
    • Manual release device with simplified key-protected activation
    • 24Vdc power supply to travel limit devices (if present) for maximum safety, with a facility for controlling travel limit stops and slow downs
    • Horizontal exit for cables to allow low installation

    Key features

    • Ideal for commerical and industrial applications
    • Anti-crushing safety
    • As the gearmotor is non reversing, no electric locks need to be installed
    • In the event of a power cut, the key-operated release device makes it possible to open and close the gate manually
    • Twin-disk clutch in oil-bath
    • Inductive or magnetic limit switch (according to model)
  • A1400 DM 2 Sliding Door Operator

    Key features
    • Compliant with EN16005 European Standard
    • for energy efficiency a dedicated software tool called Thermotool has been designed, which allows the quantifying for energy saving
    • perfectly optimises door opening and closing times, to limit energy loss within the building
    • The Dual Motor allows for a heavier gate leaf
  • A36642 A3 Network Cabinet


    1. Industry Standard : Complies with ANSI/EIA RS-31O-D,IEC297-2,DIN41491:PART1,DIN41494:PART7,GB/T3047.2-92,;ETSI Standard
    2. Capacity/Rack Units:18u,22u,27u,32u,37u,42u,47u
    3. Loading Capacity:800kgs(1763.7lbs)
    4. Materials:SPCC high-quality cold rolled steel
    5. Thickness:
        • Mounting profiles:2.0mm;
        • Mounting rails:1.5mm;
        • Other enclosures:1.2mm
    6. Cooling Fan:Two/Four optional 120mm AC cooling fans
    7. Side panels:Removable with Easy Handy Latches
    8. Doors:toughened glass front and vented mesh rear doors with handle locks
    9. Colors:Black-RAL9004;White-RAL7035;Grey-RAL7032
    10. Surface Finish:Degreasing,Pickling,Phosphating,powder coating
  • AC-115 COMPACT

    Each AC-115 COMPACT NETWORKED ACCESS CONTROLLER supports a single door with power and control for 2 readers (IN/OUT), a 1.2A lock strike, door monitor & REX input, and has a built-in backup battery charger.

  • AC-825IP

    The AC-825IP is a state-of-the-art 4-door networked access controller and is the backbone of a medium-scale to high-scale security system. The controller comes with one onboard expansion slot and can be further expanded by connecting up to 12 expansion boards via OSDP. Using only D-805 door expansion boards, a single AC-825IP can handle up to 58 doors and 60,000 users. Driven by AxTraxNG™ – Rosslare’s powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use software – the system provides an ideal modular and expandable solution for commercial and institutional needs.